"Our Mission........Empty Tables  And Full Dance Floors"
   Serving The "GTA" - Greater Toronto Area!


Our Fees Are Extremely Competitive!

This business is more of a fun hobby although I do take your event as mentioned very seriously. 

As such, you will note that our fees are not here to overcharge you for our services; but to give you extremely fair value for your event.

Our "Standard Package" is listed at $600, but even this number is flexible depending on the actual details of the event and what is required. 

What is involved in the final pricing for your event is any of the following:

  • Location and is it a far commute?
  • Event hours and length of service?
  • Will the DJ receive a meal?
  • How early does the event need to be set up. 
  • Will the DJ play dinner music?
  • How accessible is the location. 
  • Will the event require two or more people?

***Remember, no matter which company you go with, if you are working with good DJ, there is a lot of "preparation and planning" done before your event.   It is not just about the hours spent at your event and if you hire a "DJ" who is a person who will "just wing it" when they arrive at your event..........then you will get what you pay for.

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